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Jumia Online Shopping Ghana is the number one online retailer in the country; its products are shipped to all 10 regions of the country. It is a one-stop shop for retail in Ghana that many people have learned to depend on for their online needs.

Becoming the number one online retailer is not a simple feat. It took Jumia some time to become a trusted online retailer, which it achieved through perseverance. Everyone knows how hard it is to trust a company selling goods online because it is hard to pay for something that is not going to be in your hands immediately.

There was no doubt that Jumia was going to be fighting an uphill battle, at least in the beginning. The online store was established in early May of 2014. The people behind the online store were not entirely sure if they were going to be successful, but they put their hearts into the business. One thing that the company wanted to guarantee was reasonable delivery. More and more people are buying things online, which is raising expectations. Many of those who shop online expect to receive their packages quickly. This is something that online retailers have had to adjust to. Jumia wanted to be the kind of retailer that people could depend on, which prompted them to promise delivery within one week.


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Jumia Ghana offers a wide variety of quality products at affordable prizes. It was established May 2014 and quickly grew to become the largest and probably the most trusted online retail platform in Ghana. Jumia market  is a part of a conglomerate called Jumia Group with braches in other African countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Egypt and morocco. The company is well known for it's wide range of electronic appliances, mobile gadgets, hardware, fashion and a host of other household devices. The platform is very user friendly and their customer service is remarkable.

The delivery average has improved since the company's humble beginnings because they can now promise, on average, between one to five day delivery. The company started with nothing more than a dream and three passionate employees. The number of employees has now grown to over 80 people. All of these people are from Ghana, making it an in-state operated business that employs the people of Ghana. Those in the country who love to support local business should be happy to learn this fact.

What's Going on With Jumia Online Now?

There is no doubt that Jumia has only been around a few years, but it has strong ethics worth learning about. It has grown so much from its inception.

The store is now mobile-friendly. It offers live chat services just in case customers have questions, and its layout is very simple to understand. The store is proud to offer some of the best prices online when compared to many other stores.

Jumia is also happy to report that all of its products are guaranteed authentic. This is a big gesture that has inspired many of its clients to trust them and purchase even more products. Face it, counterfeit products is a problem that plagues many online stores, but Jumia put a stop to that.

The store now sells more than 30,000 items, and it now has more than 120,000 subscribers. This could all be happening because of its great prices or because of its authenticity promise. Of course, the company might be getting so much support because it is quite progressive. It might be one of the few companies in Ghana to have a group of managers composed of 50 percent women and 50 percent men.

There is no telling what other categories the company is going to try to get involved with since it already sells apparel, electronics, home products, health products, and even computer-related products just to name a few of them.

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