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With Zoobashop online shopping, residents of Ghana are embracing new technology and taking their consumer experiences to the digital realm. This has created a number of extraordinary opportunities for businesses. Founded by Albert Biga, Zoobashop is one of the very first Ghanaian business to begin selling retail products on the web. Following is everything you need to know about this dynamic and incredibly popular platform.

Recent Technological Advancements In Ghana

Three different companies in Ghana recently received government licences to establish and provide 4G telecom services. The result was better access to the Internet along with far faster Internet speeds. This was done in anticipation of dramatic increases in the use of personal computers and hand-held, mobile devices for accessing online information, services and products. This is the change that opened the door to Zoobashop online shopping. Moreover, Zoobashop was among the very first entity to take advantage of this remarkable advancement.


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Zoobashop Online Shopping Is Fast Growing

The founder of Zoobashop, Albert Biga, had more than a decade and a half of experience in the information technology. One full decade of this time was spent in software development. Formerly, Biga was a co-founder in setting up SOFTtribe. Big also spent several years working for Intel. As such, he had ample experience in establishing and fine-tuning online systems and remained abreast of all the latest and most cutting-edge technical developments. It was after his time at Intel that Biga looked to the Zoobashop online shopping concept as a means for investing in his future.

The Zoobashop Platform

The Zoobashop online shopping platform was developed to fill a need that all Ghanaians had, even in late of the recent technological advancements. This was the development of a reputable and reliable tech platform for finding and purchasing merchandise online. Biga describes this platform as being unlike eBay in that it is not a meeting place for buyers and sellers. Instead, Zoobashop functions as a massive retail outlet that functions totally online. One likely comparison might be Amazon.

With the Zoobashop business model, all of the merchandise being offered has been selected by the company itself. All transactions, returns, refunds and warranties are handled by Zoobashop as well. With a start date of December 2013, Zoobashop has been fast-growing an impressive commercial reputation in the online marketplace.

Benefits Of Working With Zoobashop

Zoobashop has recently moved into an 80,000 square foot warehouse and fulfillment centre where they intend to extend their stock. Despite its impressive level of growth, Zoobashop remains committed to dealing with customer inquiries and problems in a rapid and entirely personable fashion. With a new strategy of taking stock consignment, Zoobashop additionally intends to offer its customers a much greater range of product options. Zoobashop has a fair, seven-day return policy. Best of all, with its simple and straightforward business design, this company is able to pass a number of considerable savings down to its users.

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